About Hometown Productions & Robert Roach

More detailed background information about Hometown Productions & Robert Roach.



Hometown Productions was established in 1995 by my father, Thomas Roach, & me. It was founded to produce & market my creative commodity in comics, animation, other media & merchandising. At that time, the company’s storefront in Marion, IN was one of few outlets for art prints & the like for minority artists in the state.

Since 2002, my wife, Yumi, & I have spearheaded Hometown Productions’ endeavors, publishing & producing other ancillary items. We have established divisions within Hometown Productions dedicated to particular undertakings within various areas of the entertainment industry–comics, animation, live action, etc.

The first such division has been Black Inc! Imprints. This area within Hometown Productions is dedicated to creative commodities in the comics industry. As mentioned briefly above, Black Inc! Imprints has published 2 well received mini-series, both 4-issue comic series, “Menthu” & “The Roach” (no relationship, other than the name, to me; issue #4 is double-size). More about these two series is detailed below.


I’m a Los Angeles based illustrator, comic artist, concept designer storyboard artist & publisher. I am also the winner of the inaugural Glyph “Rising Star” Award, for excellence in independent publishing. (More about the award below.)

In addition to my artistic pursuits in the entertainment industry, my work production side’s experience in the industry–making movies & TV shows–is also expansive & varied.

As a storyboard & concept artist, my work has spanned various genre & media, ranging from Ford Trucks to jetBlue Airlines (& many other corporate clients) to horror & urban thriller films to animation. I’ve also designed action figures. This work has been executed manually & digitally–pencil, pen, brush, ink, markers (plus other colored media), PhotoShop & Illustrator.

In comics, I’ve produced my own indie projects, worked at Malibu Comics & on an Image Comics/Desperado Publishing anthology–”Negative Burn,” for other companies & creators–from “Master Kush” to “Crack Dog.”

Regarding production work, I’ve been everything from a production assistant (PA) to a producer’s assistant. Two years as Vault Manager on the syndicated day-&-date TV show, “National Inquirer Uncovered,” allowed me to learn important details of how such a program is made. It also taught me invaluable ins-&-outs vis-á-vis post-production processes.

An additional two years in Warner Bros.’ “Management Trainee Program” educated me on how work at a major studio is accomplished. While there, my particular office oversaw such films as “Syrianna,” “Matchstick Men,” “Good Night & Good Luck,” “Polar Express,” “Ocean’s 12” & “Batman Begins.”

I’ve also applied my Japanese skills in the entertainment industry, translating for projects such as “Sucker Punch” (for the Art Dept. & the film’s Japanese artist), Animation Expo ’11 for Manuel Gaitan Garcia & his online radio program, MCRadio.com, linguist & traffic coordinator for the “Living History of Kimono” Event & at New York Film Academy’s shooting workshop for Japanese exchange students.

I’ve also taught storyboarding. quick sketch & other subjects at L.A.’s Otis College of Art & Design’s “Continuing Education” program since 2000 & at Columbia College of Hollywood (just storyboards) since 2013.

Regarding the Glyph Awards (& my 2 vanguard projects, “Menthu” & “The Roach”), the honors recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color from the preceding calendar year. My atypical, anti-heroic noir mini-series, set in Prohibition-era Chicago, “The Roach” won this prestigious prize. In fact, one major comics blogger, Make It So Marketing, tabbed this 4-issue arc as the best mini-series in ALL of comics (DC & Marvel included) for 2009.

“The Roach” (consistently recipient of 4 & 5 star reviews) & my other well-received indie project, “Menthu” have carved out a dedicated following. With more success, these creative commodities will be expanded into other media & Hometown Productions’ publishing arm, Black Inc! Imprints, will produce more intellectual properties–some of these being showcased at this website.

I mentioned my hometown, Marion, IN, above (though my wife & I reside in metro Los Angeles). I lived there until leaving for college & graduating from Indianapolis’ Butler University. (I earned four varsity football letters while there.)

I also spent a year in Japan, studying Japanese (plus 2 & a half more years in Osaka) & used to live in San Francisco’s Upper Mission District. EXCELLENT BURRITOS!!